Love of Kill Countdown – Episode 1 Release Time!

Love of Kill aka Koroshi Ai is a Japanese manga series that was written and illustrated by Fe. An anime television show adaptation has been created by Platinum Vision, which will be premiering in January 2022. If you want to know exactly when the next episode is going to release, we’ve got the release time displayed below in countdown form, so you will know when you can kick back and watch the newest episode of the show!

Love of Kill Release Date & Time

The anime Love of Kill has a set release date and time of January 12th, 2022 at 7am PT/10am ET in the USA and Canada. If you’re living in the UK, it should be at 3pm GMT. This is our best estimate based off of the premiere happening on January 13th, 2022 at 12am in Japan. It is unclear when exactly the show will be launched on Crunchyroll, but if things change we will update the listing.

Love of Kill Countdown

If you aren’t sure what time that translates to where you live in the world, we’ve added a countdown that will tick away the seconds until the next episode is released! It is possible that the streaming services end up a bit early or late with the release, but it should usually be on time.

Keep in mind the following time is an estimate! The official time has not been announced, so it could be later than shown below.

1 Days 11 Hours 49 Min 31 Sec

Where to Watch Love of Kill

Unless you are in Japan, you will be likely needing to watch this on Crunchyroll. It appears that the streaming service has the exclusive on Love of Kill, which means you will likely need a premium subscription to watch it. If you haven’t used it before, you can get a free 14-day trial of the service. Otherwise, it will cost you $7.99 USD for the basic tier subscription.

Love of Kill Details

Here’s the official description listed on Crunchyroll with the basic details of the series:

Two assassins face off at a certain “workplace.”

The cool bounty hunter Chateau and the mysterious and powerful Ryang-Ha. Chateau and Ryang-Ha become enemies after this fight—at least, they should have, but for some reason Ryang-Ha takes a liking to Chateau and begins following her around. Little by little, Chateau develops a cooperative partnership with Ryang-Ha, which gets her caught up in the struggle against the organizations hunting him down. Furthermore, that battle is related to her past as well. Why did Ryang-Ha approach Chateau? What is Chateau’s secret past?

Two mismatched assassins weave together a twisted “Assassin X Assassin” thriller. The strange gears of fate begin to move.

Here’s a look at the official trailer for the anime:

English Dub

It has yet to be announced if there will be an English dub created for the show. It will be released in Japanese with English subtitles for now, but if it gets popular enough we are sure that a dub would be released in the future!

That is all you need to know on when to expect the next episode to release of Love of Kill! You can find more release times for your favorite anime in the Anime Countdowns section of our website.

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