How to get the newest ingredient in Wacky Wizards (November 3rd)

The developers behind Roblox Wacky Wizards have been consistently updating their game every Wednesday, and with each update has come a new set of potions and ingredients. These new ingredients have been accompanied by quests, which will require you to complete tasks, create potions, and make your way through dangerous obstacles! In this post, we’ll be walk you through the process of how to obtain each of these items as soon as they are released.

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Newest Ingredients in Wacky Wizards

November 3rd, 2021: Maze Update

This patch is known as the Maze Update and was released on November 3rd, 2021. The new ingredient that you can get is the Corn, which requires you to go through a maze. If you can get to the end you will get the Corn ingredient for your table!

Here’s a list of the new potions:

October 22nd, 2021: Ghost Update

The October 22nd, 2021 patch for Wacky Wizards is the Ghost Update! We’ll have all of the information about new ingredients that have been released listed below!

The new ingredients are the GhostHunter Gear, which is a temporary item that you can get from the Ghost Hunter NPC. The permanent ingredient is the Ghost, which you can get by following our how to get the Ghost guide!

Here’s a list of all of the new potions:

October 15th, 2021: Zombie Update

The October 15th, 2021 release for Wacky Wizards is the Zombie Update! Find all of the details you need to know about the update below.

The new ingredient is the Undead Skull, which you can find out where to get in our how to get the skull guide! You can also get the single use ingredient Manu by locating it on the map.

Here’s a list of all of the new potions:

October 8th, 2021: Halloween Intro Update

The next patch for the game is going to kickoff the Halloween updates with the Spooky Update! The new ingredient is the Pumpkin, which you can get by redeeming 1,800 Candy! Check out our how to get candy guide to locate the new currency quickly.

The bug that didn’t have normal potions added to the game has been fixed. All of the potions that are now available likely involve the Pumpkin which is going to take a while to get!

Here’s a list of all of the new potions:

October 1st, 2021: Club Update

The next patch for Wacky Wizards will be the Club Update. The ingredient you can get via a quest is the Disco Ball. You can find out what to do in our how to get the Disco Ball Guide!

Here’s a list of all of the new potions:

It looks like going forward it will be Wacky Weekends instead of Wednesdays:

Hey guys no wacky Wednesday today, we are changing it to wacky weekends

From Jandel in the Whacky Wizards Roblox Group

September 22nd, 2021: Secrets Update

The next patch for the game is the Secrets Update! There’s some new ingredients and a few potions to craft in this update.

The first secret ingredient found in this update is the Axolotl, which can be found underwater in the lake.

The second ingredient you can find is Nexure’s Head, which looks like a Polar Bear. It can be found in the Wizard’s cave, near the huge tree, and inside of the fallen cauldron.

The third ingredient you can get is the Fedora! This can be found at the Goblin’s Village and behind the stones towards the back wall.

The fourth ingredient that you can get is the Mariofly5 Mask. This will also be found at the Goblin’s Village, but you need to go right as soon as you enter and look behind a rock.

The fifth ingredient that you can find is Nomer’s Head. This can be found in the desert on top of a cactus that is close to where you first head onto the sand.

The sixth ingredient is the Void Star, which can be found right next to Dumpster Diver Dan. He is located near the waterfall and lake.

Here are all of the recipes for the new potions in this update:

September 15th, 2021: Alien Update

The news patch is the Alien Update! This gives you the ability to get the Alien Parasite ingredient, which you can learn how to get in our Alien Parasite guide.

Here’s a working list of the new potions:

September 8th, 2021: Gun Update

The next update scheduled for Wacky Wednesday is the Gun Update! The update brings the Leveling section to your Potion Book. The more potions you add to your Potion Book, the more experience you will gain, and the more levels you will unlock. You can get the Gun ingredient by reaching level 9!

There’s also the new Air Strike premium ingredient that can be purchased with Gems!

Here are the new potions you can make in the update:

September 1st, 2021: Goblin Update – Frog Ingredient

The new ingredient is the Frog! It can be obtained by completing the Goblin quest that is located at the Goblin Village near the volcano and where the skatepark used to be. Learn what to do to complete it by following our how to get the frog guide.

You will be able to find the new brews on our potions page.

August 25th, 2021: KSI & Kaden Ingredients

It’s a small update this week, and we got ten new free potions and four new premium potions. There are also two new ingredients to experiment with!

The KSI ingredient can be found near the top of the volcano towards the back. You don’t want to go inside of the lava area, but behind where the lava area is located!

The Kaden ingredient can be found behind the waterfall. Not in the cave but you’ll need to fly over the waterfall and you will find it on a ledge.

August 18th, 2021: Mr. Cauldron & Eggcano

The first new ingredient we know is available is Mr. Cauldron. This is a premium ingredient that can be purchased for 3,000 Gems. You can also get the Eggcano ingredient by participating in the Volcano Event!

Here’s a look at all of the new potions that were added in the update:

August 11th, 2021: Honey Update

The August 11th update has brought the Honey update to Wacky Wizards. This brings the Honey ingredient to the game, which you can get by completing the Queen Bee Quest! Find out how to complete this challenge, by reading our how to get the Honey ingredient guide.

Once you have that new Honey ingredient, you can start creating all the new potions:

August 4th, 2021: NPC Update

The August 4th update has brought NPC update to Wacky Wizards. It has brought a NPC that you can spawn if you head over to the forest area of the map. You can give them potions that you create so that you can see how they work!

There doesn’t appear to be a new ingredient this week, and there’s just two new potions available.

July 28th, 2021: Pet Tags & Mount

The newest ingredient added to Wacky Wizards is the Pet Tags. You will need to answer some fairly simple questions about Wacky Wizards and Roblox. You can find all of the answers for the quiz right here. Once you’ve completed the challenge, you will be rewarded with the Pet Tags, which will allow you to create pets.

You can also get the Mount ingredient, but that can only be obtained by purchasing it with Gems. This ingredient will allow you to ride all of those pets that you can create with the Pet Tags!

July 21st, 2021: Justin

I was mistaken that there was no new ingredient in this update! You can get the Justin ingredient by finding it on the map. Just head over to where you go through the bushes to talk to Oz The Wizard. Once inside the bushes, move your camera so that you can see within. You should see a rock with a face on it, and when you hover over it, it will be labeled Justin. Bring that back to your cauldron and throw it in to create the Lanky potion!

You can vote for the next week’s update by heading over to the voting area that’s on the wall where the volcano is located. You can also now complete a new daily quest at Glinda the Witch for 20 Gems, just by bringing her ingredients that were required to obtain the Witches Brew potion.

There are a bunch of new potions, you will find the ingredients for them listed below!

July 14th, 2021: Boxing Gloves

The Boxing Gloves ingredient has been introduced into the game. You will need to head into a cave that is covered by hedges with a Fire potion. Through there you will find a key that needs to be picked up and used to unlock a door. Talk to The Guardian to unlock the bridge which will allow you to choose your side and obtain the gloves! If you want to see step-by-step how to complete this challenge, check out our Boxing Gloves guide!

July 7th, 2021: Witches Brew

The Witches Brew ingredient is the most ambitious item that’s been added to the game thus far. You will need to talk to Glinda the Witch in the witch’s cave that’s located in the desert. This will start you on a fairly lengthy quest that you will have you creating a few potions, and then locating a variety of items that can be found around the map. If you want to see step-by-step how to complete this challenge, check out our Witches Brew guide!

June 30th, 2021: Robux

The Robux item can be obtained by fighting the Mr. Rich boss that spawns in the game every hour. If you and the players in your game can bring the cyclops down, it will drop a Cyclops Eye that you will bring over to Oz The Wizard. Once you turn it into him, he will hand you the Robux ingredient. If you turn in the Cyclops Eye to him again, you can get 20 Gems for free! This can be done once per day, so it’s worth it if you haven’t purchased it.

June 23rd, 2021: Beans

To get the Beans ingredient, you’re going to need to use multiple potions to get through a variety of obstacles within a volcano! To complete the quest, you will need access to an Explosive, Giant, and Tiny Potion. Use the Explosive potion to break open the rubble that leads into the Volcano. Next, use the Giant potion to enlarge the spoon to get across the lava. The Tiny potion can now be used to jump onto the wooden elevator and access the obby above. Complete the obby and you will be able to grab the Beans ingredient! For a more indepth look at this process, check out our Beans guide!

That’s everything you need to know about the most recent ingredients that have been added to Wacky Wizards! We have a lot more Wacky Wizards content, including posts that feature all of the potions & recipes and all of the ingredients in the game!

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